A coronavirus vaccine will not immediately end the pandemic

The U.S. may be only months away from a vaccine, which could break the record for vaccine development. This coronavirus vaccine will not simply bring life back to normal again like Trump has stated at a news conference earlier in September.

“As soon as it’s given the go-ahead, we will get it out, defeat the virus,” said President Trump in a news conference in September. 

The first vaccines won’t provide full 100% protection against the virus, but instead as  a shield or another layer of protection. Some may not have an effect, may be considered dangerous or may be pulled from the market for some other concern. The future of coronavirus is still unclear, so a vaccine may take longer than expected. 

“Pfizer and BioNTech are developing these novel vaccines with pre-clinical and clinical data at the forefront of all decision-making of both companies,” said John Parkinson in an article published by Contagion Live July 13, 2020.

These companies are attempting to develop a coronavirus vaccine within the next year. Until the vaccine is ready for public use, it has been advised to wash our hands, wear masks and stay socially distanced.