Letter from the ASB Vice President: Camille Dolphin

Hey Hart!

My name is Camille Dolphin, and I am your 2020-2021 ASB Executive Board Vice President. I’m so excited to be a representative for all of you and to be a friendly face that you all can rely on at Hart. During these times of online school and social distancing, it’s common to feel alone and isolated. As someone who can understand exactly the feeling you are all experiencing, I am here to say it’s going to be ok. I want each and every student at Hart to understand that I am always available to be reached out to if you need advice, a shoulder to cry on, or a laugh. It is so important to be connected with other people in this time of distancing. My advice to you all at Hart is this: keep reminding yourself that there is a light ahead, soon this will get better and things will be much easier.

Now regarding school spirit, ASB has been working very hard to come up with ideas to keep the student body united. You can all be looking forward to creative spirit weeks and much more soon. Remember, I adore you all and I’m so excited for when I am able to see all of your smiling faces soon. 


Camille Dolphin