ASB’s Helpful Hart Drive gives back to the community

The Helpful Hart Drive is a fundraiser that Hart ASB created in order to help families that are struggling during the current pandemic. Students have been encouraged to donate personal hygiene items or gift cards to contribute to this fundraiser. Those donations were then directly distributed to the families in need. 

There was a series of three drop off dates for this fundraiser. The first donation opportunity was September 9, the second date was October 7 and the last opportunity to participate in this drive was October 13.

This drive was also an opportunity for Hart students to be able to earn service hours for programs like the National Honors Society (NHS) and the California Scholarship Federation (CSF). For each item donated, students earned one service hour with a maximum of three service hours being offered for this event.

Overall, Hart raised over $2,000 in gift cards alone. That total does not take into account any personal hygiene products that were donated.

Thank you all so much for your donations and generosity,” said Mrs. Mitchell, who is one of the teachers in charge of the CSF program at Hart.