Speech and Debate is back and ready to roll

Speech and Debate is back, along with many other clubs at Hart. As of right now, the club is meeting every Monday via Zoom. The students are going over their calendar for the year, brainstorming ideas for fundraising, discussing speech topics and getting ready for their online tournaments. Although the year may not be going as originally expected, the club is looking forward to what they can accomplish.

Kyla Jones, a senior, has been in the club since her freshman year and has won several awards in speech competition. She is the team’s president this year. 

“I am hopeful for the year ahead. We have a sizable group of promising new members, and even though we don’t currently have in-person tournaments, I’m confident that the team will still be able to thrive under the circumstances,” said  Jones. 

The club meets every Monday with advisor Mrs. Nishioka. Their Google Classroom code is d5gadud, and their Instagram is @hartspeech_and_debate. New members are welcome.