School officials have changed the distance learning schedule

Since school started, the online schedule has undergone a couple of changes. Many teachers and students felt that a five minute break in between classes wasn’t enough to be able to get snacks, go to the bathroom and do whatever else they needed to do. Because of that, the Hart administration got together and decided it would be better for the students to have 10 minutes in between each class to be able to get snacks and go to the bathroom. In addition to that, they have also decided to add a 15 minute brunch on Wednesdays in between fourth and fifth period for the students to be able to have a longer break in between classes like they usually would. 

As for coming back to school, the administration has chosen to stay online until our county comes off the watch list. Instead of returning on September 14, the administration plans to come back on October 19. Once we can come to blended learning, the schedule will be different for each student.

“To implement this, we will have Cohort A attend on campus periods 2-4 on Mondays and period 5-7 on Tuesdays.  Cohort B will attend on campus periods 2-4 on Thursdays and periods 5-7 on Fridays.  Wednesdays, as you know are all periods, so the cohorts will alternate being on campus.  While one cohort is one campus, the other cohort will be following along online or given an assignment to work on during that time period offline.” Said Mr. d’Autremont.