Bernie Sanders drops out of the race for President

After a long fight for the 2021 Democratic party presidential candidacy, Bernie Sanders, one of the applicants who was considered a top runner two months prior, had finally decided to end his presidential campaign Wednesday, April 15, 2020. Through various sources and networks, the seventy-eight-year-old Vermont Senator admitted defeat but has also sparked some hope for his supporters. Sanders explained to the media and his followers about the possibility of rolling out certain campaign agreements with the only Democratic party presidential candidate, Joe Biden. After a series of negotiations between the two, Biden is expected to encourage Sanders’s policies about health care and student loans (unconfirmed). Although Biden has outwardly stated that he is opposed to Sanders Medicare-For-All, he mentioned that he would continue to look for ways to please both sides.

As a result of Sanders’ resignation, many voters have come to analyze the differences between Sanders and Biden. One stated that Bernie aims for a certain group of people—students— while Biden’s objective is to gain everyone’s support. Due to these circumstances, Biden has been seen to gain more followers from the African American population.

Although Sanders’ termination of his presidential campaign is seen as something depressing to many, his withdrawal impacted both the Democratic party and his opponents. He still left a very sapient message for future candidates—If you know that you are about to lose, but both you and your competitor have the same ideas, join them.