Coronavirus World Report


Coronavirus is ravaging throughout the world, now with 266, 240 cases worldwide, 11,187 deaths, 90,603 recovered and 164,450 cases still ongoing. With cases in 161 different countries, it is now an official pandemic according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The majority of people who have died from the virus had pre-existing conditions, with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases (many of which came from former smokers) having the most severe effects. The World Health Organization has distributed 1.5 million coronavirus lab tests around the world; however, Dr. Mike Ryan, the executive director of the World Health Organization health emergencies program, reports that the world will need 80 to 100 times that many tests in the near future.

Worldwide, governments have been shutting down schools, public gatherings, restricting air travel, closing borders and advising everyone to remain in their homes. Social distancing has been a common policy to protect against the virus. Religious gatherings have been postponed or cancelled. Few businesses remain open, and as a result, many people have begun to lose their jobs. Unlike most nations, China has released many of their quarantine efforts and has opened many businesses after the amount of new local cases reached zero.

The rate of new cases in China has been slowing in the past month, with the highest amount of active cases topping at about 58,000 cases in mid-February, but currently there are only about 6,500 active cases in China. The cases have followed a pattern of rapid increase followed by slow decrease, and the rest of the world hopes to follow a similar trend.