Hart’s Winter Wonderland was a Whimsical Night

Hart’s annual Winter Formal was February 1 in the large gym at Hart High School. The dance was held from 7 to 11p.m. and was themedas “Winter Wonderland.” The gym was filled with extravagant decorations, including mushroom backdrops, neon blacklights, grass field fences, a photobooth with many different backgrounds to choose from and a game room which included an air hockey machine. One cannot deny that there was plenty to do at the dance other than simply dancing, which appealed to a wide array of students with different interests. 

The dance was widely spread out through each grade, and seemingly had better student attendance than last year. 

The DJ was great because he was thorough in making sure to add songs to his playlist that were currently popular  so that many students were able to sing along to. 

The freshman prince and princess of the night were Rayder Soto and Breeze Aguilar. The sophomore prince and princess were Chris Moreno and Ava Andrews Evan Miller and Kayla Silva represented the junior class and the senior Formal Court consisted of Ty Penberthy, Ashton Thomas, Nick Pirillo, Michael Campos and Blake Gill for kings with Kylie Sathre, Gracie Padilla, Mialani Noble, Lia Maldonado and Geneva Reyes as the potential queens. 

Taking home the crowns at the end of the night were Gracie Padilla and Michael Campos. 

The night proved to be very elegant while still very entertaining to all ages and groups of people. This Winter Wonderland was quite a wonder within itself.