Kobe Bryant and Nine Others Die in a Devastating Helicopter Crash

January 26, 2020, a helicopter crashed as it flew through thick fog over Calabasas, CA. Nine people were killed in the accident and have all been identified. By far, the most famous victim was basketball legend Kobe Bryant, a retired Lakers star and one of the all-time greatest players in the sport. Gianna Bryant, his 13-year old daughter died as well. Their remaining family includes Kobe’s wife Vanessa, their 17-year old daughter Natalie and 2-year old Bianka.

John Altobelli, his wife Keri and their daughter Alyssa, who played club basketball with Gianna, were also on the helicopter. They left behind their son J.J. and daughter Lexi. Christina Mauser, their team’s assistant coach, died and left her husband and their three kids. The final three occupants were Sarah Chester, her daughter Payton and the pilot Ara Zobayan. The tragedy was devastating for the friends, family and – in Kobe Bryant’s case – fans of the victims. 

Widespread mourning has occurred as people across the country recover from the shock of the loss. Memorials for the victims have been created in many places for people to go to remember them, and well-wishers have expressed their condolences and support for the people who lost friends and family. The basketball community was hit hard by Bryant’s death and many efforts are being made to honor him. The NBA All-Star Game has been altered as a tribute to the star and fans are petitioning for the NBA logo’s silhouette to be changed from Jerry West to Kobe Bryant. Other famous basketball players like LeBron James expressed their grief about his passing on social media. Bryant will be long remembered for his impact on basketball and the many fans he helped inspire.