Art is good for the hART

Art club is an organization where students who have a passion for drawing come together at lunch on Thursdays to express their artistic talents. The club is run by Delaney Pineda, a senior at Hart High. 

“We get to divulge information about our characters and drawings we don’t really get to talk to other people about; it’s a little community to show a bit of ourselves and give each other feedback. We usually draw, talk, discuss drawings, peer review, and form a community,” said Pineda.

The art club is a place for students of different art styles to come together to critique both the positive and negative aspects of their art works. 

“During club days, we do whatever we want, we are a lax group and don’t tend to force everyone to work on the same thing with something like a mural is requested of us, we’re happy to help the community, but that hasn’t happened in a few years, so we all work independently and tell each other what we’re doing,” said Pineda.