Lost in Space delivers a second season that is out of this world

Kyla Jones, Copy Editor

April 6, 2020

Lost in Space is Netflix’s newest reboot of the original 1960s Lost in Space series. This adaptation features the Robinson family as they contend with the perils of being stranded (dare I say it, lost) in space. The series focuses n...

Top ten adventure films to watch in quarantine (that you may not have seen)

Kyla Jones, Copy Editor

March 27, 2020

As corona cases keep growing, here are ten fun fictional adventure films guaranteed to distract from the world at large. 10. Journey to the Center of the Earth Journey to the Center of the Earth follows Trevor Anderson (Brendan Frase...

The Problem with Disneyland’s Rising Prices

Kyla Jones, Copy Editor

March 20, 2020

Disneyland is not just a place. No, it’s a cult. Thousands of people flock to Disneyland year after year to revel in fantastic escapism and Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles. Each person who passes through Disney’s gates pays a magica...

Representation in Entertainment is Lagging

Kyla Jones, Copy Editor

February 19, 2020

The issue of representation is… complicated. Entertainment as a whole needs more representation, but the road to get there is difficult. What’s the current state of diversity in media? Not good. According to a 2018 ...

Cats: Technology Gone Too Far

Kyla Jones, Copy Editor

February 5, 2020

Cats. The movie. The myth. The meme. Cats was projected to lose 70 million dollars, and while the movie did not lose half as much in the long run, it is going to go down in the record books as an absolute cat-astrophe. From...

Crisis on Infinite Earths: An Exercise in Mediocrity

Kyla Jones, Copy Editor

February 3, 2020

Since 2014, yearly crossover events have aired on the CW, bridging six live-action television series, two animated series and numerous mini series in a media franchise called the “Arrowverse.” The most recent addition to the...