Students say that AP Scatology stinks

March 25, the College Board made an announcement it would be adding several new AP classes. The announcement was made on its social media platforms and website, though the most popular and detailed explanation was taken to Twitter.

The announcement read: “Big news! We are all excited to share with you our brand new Advanced Placement classes, subject to begin the 2021-22 school year. These new classes include AP Communications, AP Marketing and Media and AP Scatology. Our very own @AP_Trevor will be going live on our Instagram at 5pm ET TONIGHT to answer questions about these new classes.”

Trevor Packer, head of the College Board’s Advanced Placement program, received many questions, but most centered the controversial AP Scatology, nicknamed “AP Poop.”

“Is this a joke?” said one user in the chat.

“Absolutely not! AP Scatology combines science and history. In this class students will get the opportunity to dissect real feces as well as learn the history behind each lump. Classes will also observe ancient feces, and use their knowledge of historical events to truly understand what these civilizations were going through,” said Packer.

“Are there any prerequisites?” said another student.

“No, but it is highly recommended that students take AP World History: Modern and AP Biology prior to AP Scatology,” Packer said.

“Is this a science class or a history class? And also how will we do labs like on the poop and stuff?” said another.

“As I mentioned before, this is both a science and history class, and you will do labs on real and simulated specimens. The real ones will be from donors, but you will use these quite rarely. However, simulated specimens will come in two different ways: as props, fake feces, or in videos. Simulated specimens will be used to demonstrate ancient poops and your classes will have the opportunity to study Ghengis Khan, Julius Caesar and even Joan of Arc’s poops,” said Packer.

The Q&A lasted for only a few minutes longer, but all questions were about AP Scatology. The new class drew controversy, with parents and teachers calling it “lewd” and claiming it “has no place in the classroom.”

However, AP Scatology has sustained much support as well. Historians commented on how relevant the class is, and one even remarked about how he wished AP Poop was a class when he was in high school.

“We can understand so much about ancient civilizations because of their feces. AP Poop sounds like such an interesting class, I wonder why we didn’t have it sooner,” said Jared Diamond, American historian, giving his two cents about this class.

APRIL FOOL’S! This is one of our joke articles for our April Fool’s issue: The Distress Signal. Thanks for reading and happy joking!