Definitely Anonymous Formal Complaint to Mr. Borish regarding Honors Precalculus “test limits mc”

A note from the author: “This work is a formal complaint to Mr. Borish. Despite this test being last semester and having no relevance to anything right now, my friends want me to do this and I agreed this would be something pretty funny to submit. Something to note is that Borish loved the essay, didn’t change my grade though. It was also supposed to be anonymous.”

The day of the limits test was upon theMr. And the author thought he was ready, but in reality, he failed. Miserably, may I add. The twenty-question test, with a multiplier of 5, dropped his grade from an A- to a B. This essay, as a response to this, is mainly motivated due to boredom at 2am in the morning, fear of his Asian mother finding out about his bad grades, and possible hope that an A can be restored using an essay and a pinch of humor. The existence of this type of test where a single mishap can cause great destruction upon one’s grade is a horror to humanity, as explained with reasoning considering previous assessments and memes, accumulated data with a mystery counter argument, and outside factors such as .

In previous tests, Mr. Borish has shown that getting points back for work on a problem is completely possible. In “Quiz 2-2 – 2-3”, question 6 shows that despite getting the wrong answer of -x^2-10x+35, a point was given for having the “right idea” as written by the B-man himself. Furthermore, in “Chapter 1 quiz 1”, questions 11 and 13 demonstrate the mercy Mr. Borish has when it comes to minor mishaps, like placing a graph one step lower than usual and subtracting 1 point in Question 13, as opposed to the 2 points retracted when a graph was completely messed up in Question 11. Even the 2012 memes Mr. Borish has on the wall demonstrate the importance of showing work, as seen with the “Did you just say you have to show your work?” meme starring Dwayne “The Boulder” Johnson, and “Did you just say you have to show your work?” meme starring Stephen Colbert from the hit show “The Slightly Delayed, Behind Schedule, Late Show with Stephen Hawking”. These four prove that Mr. Borish should give us points back if we demonstrate in work that we understand the problem but made a minor error somewhere. 

Some, or maybe Mr. Borish himself may bring up that not having to manually grade each test, or keeping multiple choice from last year was a good decision. When asked why he used a scantron this test, Mr. Borish brings up that “the test written last year was already multiple choice, I feel that limits are a good multiple choice topic”, which is given. However, there should have been more that 20 questions, at the most, 35, as shown by the extra 10-15 minutes the class had after everyone had finished their tests. Clear evidence is shown with Avery once again asking if Mr. Borish had any other students who became criminals, and Aaron Quevedo’s question if there would be more “time travel talk days”. If maybe even 2-5 questions were added, this would have curved tests grades up if students did well. 

Outside factors are also prevalent in the test-taking situation, mostly on independent students. Some may have the whole entire day after school ends to study. Others have extracurriculars that go until 9pm, like Show Choir, or distractions like video games and friends. Other kids may have several tests on the same day, in the author’s case, the normal APUSH Ozella daily quiz and an AP Physics Friction Boss Battle, featuring the Basilisk from Harry Potter. Most of these cannot be regulated by Mr. Borish himself. But one the author has mentioned much is when the test is taken, which in this case was a Friday. In the author’s case, he had a band rehearsal the previous day that went until 7:10pm, taking into account how much time it takes to pack up the instrument, leave, and arrive back home. In his case, he indeed did review for the test, and went to sleep at 11pMr. Terrible decision on his part for not getting a good-night’s sleep. 

Of course, some students did badly, like the author, and others succeeded, getting at most, a 23/20, and with this essay, the author does not wish to represent the opinions of everyone in Period 5 Honors Precalculus. It’s partially a joke and also a last-minute grab to possibly impress Mr. Borish with his (possibly) excellent humor and essay-writing skills gained from the eternal wisdom of Mr. Ozella, so his test grade can improve. The author is more hoping that not only do test conditions get better in the future, even by a tiny bit, but by some miracle, his grade might magically rise and he can escape the wrath of his mom’s slipper.


Signed, definitively and definitely, Deez Nuts


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