I ate Remy 

A poem, I recommend watching the Disney-Pixar animated film, Ratatouille to truly understand the references within this.

Truth be told– “Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great”

Remy, you yaknow Ratatouille yeah he really ate

What made that food so good? Made you lick off that plate?

How is food not so different than yaknow our fate?

Too much salt– there’s your seasoning 

Too many problems– you need a little reasoning 


I’ll tell you: diabetes runs in the family— I guess the food was so good–

But people places are starving you need to eat– you really should


You know the “french” got 5 mother sauces– there so technical and perfect

Beautiful effort,   you know it’ll be worth it. 

I was probably only 5 when my grandmother had her first Dialysis appointment.

You can’t solve diabetes     with no vaporub ointment

The average life expectancy after starting Dialysis, is 5 years 

But don’t think of that now– thats not the same as 5 beers


We eat and consume– like Anton Ego on his bike when he zoomed

until he fell and got hurt and his mom stuck him a spoon

What a delicious ratatouille– a childhood memory unlocked

what a terrible tragedy: a rat running the shop


Okay, there’s a beauty in food–          without it: you die

You eat too much: you die

   Too much salt: your mouth dies

No salt: nobody dies but that food probably sucks.


And at the end of a good meal you get so full you crawl over to a couch or bed and lay down

and sleep; the momentary death. And then you sleep the whole night

and wake up hungry for more food.


Be honest with me god, why did you make food taste so good?


My grandma made the best food,

Even a peanut butter and jelly with milk 

After a 4 hour drive to see her 

Was and is better than whatever Remy could serve me


But, I still would like it 

If he served me that.