When I think about him, I think about how he’s kind.

So kind to the point he wouldn’t want to hurt another person’s emotions.

When I look at him, the first thing I see is his eyes.

He may wear a blue mask, but his eyes are bluer, blue like the sky.

His eyes aren’t mysterious, but like an open book.

He comes off as shy and he’s quiet, but he seems to speak more words without words being spoken at all.

He’s kind, like his eyes, he could give you one look and you feel like you have butterflies.

He’s genuine, childish, and smart.

When I think of him, I think about how I can’t form words.

When I think of him, I think of all the crazy scenarios that would never happen.

He’s like the song when you first listen to it, and you fall in love.

He’s like the song you always want to put on repeat because you never get tired of it.

He’s like the song where you would eventually forget but one day you hear it on a friend’s playlist and time stops.

You then feel like you fell in love all over again.