Disney adults need to be stopped

A Disney adult is an adult who is a devoted follower of everything Disney-related. Adults who are fans of Disney often enjoy going to their theme parks, gathering Disney products like nic-nacs, apparel items and more. However, the most important characteristic of a typical Disney adult is, of course, watching Disney movies and TV shows in their free time. 

Most of the Disney adults that I have encountered in my life have all had the same “Mickey Mouse upbeat and peppy” attitude. They always are the first people in the theaters to watch the newest Disney movie, they always have annual Disneyland passes and some of them resonate with Disney movies so much that they get a Mickey Mouse head tattooed and flex it to everyone to share their love and passion for Disney. Don’t get me wrong though, I think it’s totally okay to have such a strong passion and love for something you really like, but it becomes a whole other thing when it comes to being your whole personality, just as any other obsessions people develop.

When I get the chance every few years for my family and I to go to Disneyland, there’s always little girls dressed as their favorite disney princesses, or little boys posing with characters around the park which, as Disney themselves have said, is completely fine because they’re children. But, Disney has recently had to speak up about adults deciding to dress up at parks and take photos. Why is it fine for kids to do it, but once you’re no longer a child, it’s considered wrong? The answer to this question is very simple. It can confuse other people who are also at the park when they see an adult dressed as a character and want to take a photo. Then, they end up taking a photo with someone who doesn’t work at the theme park and is simply just a fan, who could be asking for money to take photos. 

In the end, it’s fine if you love something a lot, but please don’t make it your entire personality. It’s not original or cute.