Abolish daylight savings

The U.S. first implemented daylight savings time during World War I. This was to help to get the most resources in the day time. With the time change, there is more sunlight during the day when it is needed most. There are many different opinions about keeping this change, but my personal opinion is that losing an hour of sleep at the beginning of the year is dumb. Daylight savings time is only a one hour difference, but an hour changes a lot. Since World War I is far in the past, I believe the function of daylight savings time has changed. It should not be implemented in America because it messes with time so much that it gets annoying. I don’t like daylight savings for a lot of reasons, but especially because I don’t like losing an hour of sleep. 

Daylight savings time sucks. My sleep routine has been trash, and my body hates me. Like many others, my body adjusted to the normal time, but when daylight savings started I did not sleep well. I cannot go to sleep earlier, and personally, my body’s sleep schedule is very loyal in the way that it does not like to adjust to any sort of changes. I can’t fall asleep earlier than midnight and when I force myself to wake up at an earlier time, I’ll simply fall back to sleep and have a horrible morning. Everyday since daylight savings I’ve been feeling so tired and I’ve been unable to focus in school. 

I know that it is sometimes nicer to have longer days, but I would rather wake up when it is light outside. Technically, an hour isn’t that much. We lose hours all the time when we zone out on our phones, and I’ve forgotten about many hours that have happened, but I’m still mad that I have to get up early and convince myself that it’s my usual time to wake up.

In the end, I hate daylight savings because, like other teenagers, I barely sleep and I don’t like losing an hour of sleep. Other states like Hawaii and Arizona do not have daylight savings time and they have it easy. All year they do not have to worry about losing or gaining an hour of sleep because they are in a consistent timezone. That is my hope for all of America so that my sleep can equally be as bad throughout the whole year.