Sci-Fi genre is gaining popularity

The diversity of many different movie genres has led to a massive success in the film industry, and one of these genres is the science fiction, popularly known as sci-fi, genre. Over the past couple of decades, the science fiction genre has been more prominent than ever. But why is that? And why science fiction? 

Movies that put the audience out of their comfort zone are often the ones that end up being the most successful. One of the most flexible genres that can achieve such a phenomenon is science fiction. One of the most obvious reasons is that the material being viewed is pure fiction, meaning that none of what is presented on-screen is real. Part of why sci-fi films are so successful is that a majority of these movies incorporate fictional and imaginary concepts into reality, leaving the audience with one question in mind: “How would this play out in real life?”.

Originality is something that most filmmakers seem to struggle with, especially during a time in which movies are costing film crews millions of dollars. With sci-fi already being such a versatile genre, the imagination can pretty much come up with anything, which makes coming up with the plot for your film or planning an intense scene considerably easy. Time constraints usually don’t pose much of a threat for a crew of filmmakers either. It seems like a team full of competent and skilled employees is all it will take to crunch out a decent film in time, so long as you have all the tools and necessary equipment.

With the film industry slowly being killed by 10-second-long dopamine-rich TikTok videos, coming up with a unique and appealing  idea for a film that people will watch is harder than ever. Additionally, the usage of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more relevant and powerful — what could this mean for filmmakers?