Chat GPT hinders the art of writing

ChatGPT is so great, it’s like having a personal genie that can write your emails, compose your tweets, and even ghostwrite your memoirs! It’s like having a room full of monkeys with typewriters, except these monkeys are super-intelligent AI and they type in perfect grammar and punctuation. It’s like having a magic wand that turns your gibberish into eloquent prose. In short, ChatGPT is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and it’s even better than that because it doesn’t get all soggy in your lunchbox.

If you thought that was me writing, you’d be all too wrong. That was, in fact, written by ChatGPT.

For anyone out of the loop, ChatGPT is an AI that produces writing upon being given a prompt. Simply tell it to write something and it will. The AI prides itself on its work being indistinguishable from text written by an actual human. And it’s actually not wrong. ChatGPT is, without an iota of doubt, a marvel of programming.

And a writer’s worst nightmare.

To no one’s surprise, ChatGPT is extremely controversial, and that controversy stems from its claim to fame: its ability to sound like an actual human. Many are worried that ChatGPT can be used as a substitute for actual writing, all without anyone knowing. The AI opens up many avenues for cheating and lying. Additionally, the success of a writing AI will undoubtedly hurt real writers, especially if the AI adapts to be able to emulate more intricate and unique styles of writing.

As for my opinion, it’s complicated. All of that is true, of course. ChatGPT is dangerous and, as someone who enjoys writing and producing art, seeing AI do both so well is more than a bit scary. ChatGPT can even write source code! There goes another one of my hobbies that will now never land me a job. At this rate, I’ll have to become an athlete or something because I can’t think of another job safe from the artificial intelligence revolution.

But, I also recognize that ChatGPT can be a useful tool to help teach students how to write, especially those struggling with more complex examples. It’s also an incredible example of what programmers can accomplish. And, it’s undeniably fun to use, or at least I thought so.

ChatGPT is a powerful NLP tool that can be a valuable learning tool and fun to experiment with, but it also has potential negative impacts such as being used for cheating and taking away from the efforts of actual writers. Therefore, it should be used responsibly and not as a replacement for human writing but as a tool for inspiration and creativity.

This conclusion was also created by ChatGPT.