CDs are superior to audio streaming services

Someone who thinks they are cooler than you is probably out there listening to an old indie album on a scratched CD, thinking they are superior and that CD and vinyl is the best and only way to truly listen to music, but sadly, they are wrong. We as a society have progressed far enough that CDs are practically useless to listen to and consume music and media. 

Some may argue that there is a lost art when it comes to listening to albums. And to an extent, that’s true. Some people don’t understand the tracklist and how it is intended and designed to make the album flow. The best example of this is Beyonce’s newest album, Renaissance. This album has specific transitions from certain songs that make the album what it is. But that doesn’t make the album better specifically on a CD, it just makes the experience different. Plus, you can imitate that exact experience by searching the album up and playing it all the way through. 

At the end of the day, there is no best or right way to listen to music. Music is subjective, and how you choose to listen isn’t better or worse than any other option, it’s just different.