The raw meat diet is not only disgusting, it is dangerous

I don’t understand people who decide to go on a raw meat diet and enjoy it. So, people like Brain Johnson, or better known as Liver King, I can’t see eye to eye with. People who like eating raw meat are disgusting and have got to have something wrong with them. I don’t understand why they want to eat raw meat and other things like raw cow brain and goat eyes. It’s a disgrace to humanity. Humans have come so far in creating things that are cooked and are flavorful and all around immaculately good yet some psychopaths still choose to eat raw like they’re living 2.5 million years ago.

 I truly don’t understand why they would choose to do such a thing but you do you I guess. Also, I couldn’t imagine there’s any health benefits whatsoever. Eating raw meat like chicken, especially, could give you salmonella and just puts unwanted bacteria in your body. Honestly, it seems more like you would just end up poisoning yourself because guess what, humans aren’t supposed to eat like animals. Seriously guys I thought we were the top of the food chain but some people just have to  be weird. It is alarming honestly. However, I will give them some benefit of the doubt because most people couldn’t even bring themselves close to eating raw fish eggs, liver, and of course, offal, which is the entrails and internal organs of an animal that people consume. And of course counting the people who eat it for cultural reasons are completely fine and can do their own thing, but if you just do it to be trendy or whatever your reason is pertaining to trends or just because you can, that’s alarming. Overall, raw diets are blasphemous.