Is football worth the risk?

Football has been a sport for over a century now, and many people have wondered if the sport is safe for their kids and for others. On a daily basis the injuries football players receive are either permanent and deadly like breaking bones/brain damage, or temporary such as ankle sprain, knee injuries, quad/hamstring/groin strains and hip pointers. There  have been instances where a person has died from playing football by a head injury. Some players get concussions, and if they’re lucky enough they survive from the injury.

Personally I believe football is not worth it because it’s been considerably one of the most dangerous sports because of the possibly permanent and deadly injuries. But I’m here to talk about if the sport is safe for kids and their friends to play or if the sport is too risky for kids to play with others. First things first: the injuries that most players get when playing football. The most common injuries in football are ankle sprains because they get tackled by other people from different teams. They can also get knee injuries caused by rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, also known as  the ACL, which is important because the ACL prevents the tibia bone from moving too far forward  towards the femur bone.

The percentage of injuries football players get for strain is 33.3%, fractures are 19.7% and, on the rarest occasion, 0.1% of football players get punctured. Personally I think football is both worth and not worth the risks because at the end of the day, you’re still having fun.