Oatmeal is the best breakfast food


Image from loveandlemons.com

Oatmeal is eaten all across the world, from North America to Asia. Why?  It tastes good. A lot of people hate oatmeal because of its texture, but if it is made with the right ingredients it tastes phenomenal. I find that most homemade oatmeal tastes bad. When oatmeal is made to the right consistency it tastes good, which can only be accomplished by using milk.  Oatmeal is often given a bad wrap because of its association with porridge. Porridge is similar to oatmeal, it’s made with water instead of milk.  The water creates a mushy texture; milk instead allows the  brown sugar  to combine nicely with the oats. 

Health influencers often eat oatmeal with just oats and milk but it is enjoyable when you make it with sugar, brown sugar and syrup. There are recipes with raspberries and recipes with apples and cinnamon. There is a flavor of oatmeal that will fit anyone’s taste buds. Of course some flavors will be bad like any other food.

Many people don’t like oatmeal because porridge is often considered bad. Oatmeal is a warm morning breakfast. Not pasty but smooth and creamy. This is the best nutritious meal. It is cheap and affordable and if it is made right it will taste amazing.