Let’s not kid ourselves, baby animals are ugly


Image from commons.wikimedia.org

Nobody has taken the time to admire someone’s half-alive and barely developed human fetus. This idea doesn’t apply exclusively to human beings; it isn’t fair to leave other organisms out of the discussion. 

Adult owls are fairly lovable. Most can’t help but admire their highly distinguishable facial features (eyes, round and articulate head, deeply disturbing glare). When these owls give birth to their offspring, reactions are mixed. 

Baby owls are the physical manifestation of everything that has ever lived under someone’s floor boards, all anatomically combined into one living, breathing creature. From the desolate black eyes, or the empty, if not upsetting gaze that they so commonly give people. There is no discussion as to why these eldritch monstrosities give many people horrible night terrors.

Baby owls are objectively ugly, but what about baby sea lions?

Additionally, baby sea otters get the short end of the stick in terms of appearance. We should take into account that baby otters are not fully developed – giving them an almost extra terrestrial-like appearance. For instance, let’s say that we have a puppy. What if we removed all of the likable features of a puppy, and gave them obnoxious voices?

Speaking of puppies, let’s talk about the bull terriers. Baby OR not, these canines hold their notoriety for having an irregularly shaped snout. From certain angles, the bull terrier’s unwholesome ominous grin puts many into a state of great, and inescapable distress.

The offspring that the bull terriers produce are no exception, if not worse. Many of their features fall back to the “Irregularly shaped head” concept. The terrier is alternatively known for their rather jumpy behavior, often shifting moods at a quick and unpredictable pace. This quality only further supplements their unlikability.