What is the best type of sandals?

Sandals and summer go hand in hand, so choosing the right pair is essential for end of the year shopping. Birkenstock is the obvious choice for any sandal needed situation. Flip flops are too flimsy and don’t stay on, crocs can lead to calluses and damage due to the covering of the front of the foot. Birkenstocks don’t have those problems.

 A sandal with too many straps doesn’t possess the simplicity every sandal should have, closed toe sandals ruin the point of the sandal and water shoes are uncomfortable. Birkenstocks are the perfect middle just like Goldilocks in the story of the three bears preferred the perfect middle. Birkenstocks have two simple straps that hold your foot in place but also don’t cause irritation.  They have an open toe design and no annoying back strap. There is grip on the bottom of the sandal and feet are able to easily slip into them.

Birkenstocks are perfect for hot California days and also for cold winters because warm socks can be worn with them. They are the perfect sandal for any season. Not only are they durable and function well, but they also have great aesthetics. Just think of a warm summer beach and Birkenstocks in the sand. They are cool, trendy and they are a purposeful choice for any day of the week. Nothing could beat comfortable and sleek on your feet. They are the best, and all other sandals are just flimsy no-goods.