You don’t actually know celebrities

You don’t know celebrities personally, so stop assuming you do.
There’s a bunch of people on the internet commenting on celebrities posts willy-nilly, saying things like “Hey!! It’s been a while!!! How have you been???” as if they were best buds since the 90s. And to be honest, it’s starting to get pretty tiring seeing posts like this.

 Can you imagine what it would be like seeing complete strangers barging in to be all “besto-friendo” to you? It’d make you uncomfortable, especially with the fact that you have no idea who these guys are.

Most people only want to be friends with celebrities to gain a reputation from the friendship. Just imagine how much fame you’d get after people figure out that you’re friends with some celebrity. But that just proves my point. It’s not the friendship, it’s ALWAYS the fame you’ll gain. Acting like you’ve known them for years in their comments isn’t going to help you get closer to them. There’s probably millions of other fans trying to accomplish that same goal of becoming “friends.”
These fan favorite people aren’t going to spill out their every single thought or feeling to you, so it’s best for you to NOT get involved in their personal life. If someone were to come up to you when you were feeling down, and say stuff like “Oh my goodness gracious are you doing okay sweetcheeks? Are your parents causing you any trouble??” wouldn’t it make you uncomfortable? People who assume things happening in your life will most definitely make you feel weird. And yes, it definitely applies to the popular people with hundreds of corny teens flooding their comments.
And why do fans feel so close to people they don’t know and have never met? Well, most celebrities often interact with their fans through responding to their comments or through something little like liking their post. However, these interactions don’t automatically make a relationship. It’s more like the illusion of one. 

The fact that they chose to respond to you (even though they might have responded to others) makes it feel special. Unfortunately, that interaction is equivalent to waving at a stranger and never seeing them in your life ever again.

It’s almost cringe-worthy to have to go through endless comments like these. Just drop a compliment and leave it at that! It’s simple. There’s no reason for someone to act like besties with some stranger on the internet they found cool, so I think it’s best for people to leave something quick and nice instead of going on a rant about how odd they were acting in a video.