Should people continue taking mirror selfies?

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I was recently told that people should stop taking mirror selfies. Like any picture, some selfies can be quite unflattering. I mean, who doesn’t love a nice double chin or billboard forehead moment? If anything, these unflattering angles would lead me to presume that mirror selfies are all the more desirable. I believe mirror selfies are an easy way to include a larger frame and overall just get a different perspective. Yet, some have strong opinions against it. Could it be the fact that one’s beaten-up phone case is displayed in the picture? Maybe it’s because the photographer didn’t have their nails done?

In all seriousness, I do believe this discussion leads to a larger conversation about selfies in general. The whole concept of selfies is something that has been widely judged. However, we live in a time where little kids, teenagers, adults and even elders take selfies. Some may say that selfies are a way for conceited people to continuously admire themselves. Others believe that selfies are a way for insecure individuals to pick themselves apart. And to some, selfies are simply a way to remember moments in time. Well, no matter the purpose, these interpretations are exactly what selfies are. And, why is this a bad thing? The stigma behind selfies is laughable. Who cares if someone enjoys looking at themselves? That’s not my issue and it shouldn’t be yours. If you don’t like the way mirror selfies look, then don’t take them. But for others, go ahead. Taking selfies is something that truly does not need to be examined with a magnifying glass. There is no need to stir controversy over simply taking a picture. If you have an issue with selfies, I won’t stop you from voicing your opinions, but I ask the question: How important is the matter of selfies?