The lack of accountability in sports has a negative effect on society

The world has become much more progressive as a whole in the past century. Sports leagues specifically have made great strides to allow all races and sexualities to play. However, even in 2021, there is a great amount of injustice in the sports world. The recent handling of players such as Antonio Brown and Derrick Rose brings up a conversation that’s prevalent not only in sports. 

Abuse and harassment allegations against powerful people are commonly ignored or looked over. Hot on the heels of the #metoo movement, the NBA and NFL still aren’t caught up with the modern world. Prior to the 2016-2017 NBA season, New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose was on trial for a very serious rape case. Although Rose was found not liable, Commissioner Adam Silver was able to at least fine or suspend Rose for his immoral conduct and ignorance of consent. In a similar way, the NFL only suspended Antonio Brown eight games after he was found guilty for burglary and battery of a moving company employee. These leagues have to suspend these players for multiple seasons or even ban them completely in some cases. 

Sports leagues have power. They are highly influential to millions of people in the U.S. and their actions can cause waves among adults and teens. What kind of message does it send to a young man seeing his favorite athletes go unpunished for horrible acts? The ignorance of these people in power must stop for us to make any more progress as a society.