The Star Wars original trilogy has the high ground over the sequels

Star Wars has always been a great franchise. But ever since the sequels came out, I have never really wanted to get back into watching Star Wars. I absolutely loved the original movies, but the sequels feel so different and boring. The only good characteristic that the sequels have is the graphics, but other than that, the sequels are not at all close to being as amazing as the original movies.

The fight scenes in the sequels are terrible compared to the originals. In the important fights like Kylo Ren vs Rey, there was barely any actual fighting, Kylo Ren just swung his lightsaber around and Rey dodged it and did the same. In the end, Rey just used the force to end the 15 second battle. The only reason a fight should be good in the sequels is due to the technology we have now. But in the originals you can see the difference in the battles. They use their lightsabers well, have decent fight time, and they don’t constantly use the force to end every battle they encounter. 

If you look within the sequels, you see that they are almost identical to the originals. The main character lived in the desert, loved racing, met a partner, had a little robot friend, their trainer dies from being old, the main character and the enemy have a tragic backstory that the main character can sympathize with and the main villain kills their master. Not to mention that Rey has no character development. It is surprising to me that the side character “Finn” has more character development than Rey does. 

With this information, we can conclude that the sequels do not come close to being good or better than the originals.