Country music is an amazing genre that speaks to the soul

Country music is a very hated genre of music. I know most people don’t like this kind of music and prefer rap or pop, especially in 2020 where teens and young adults listen to very modern music. However, I believe country music is by far one of the best genres of music out there.

One’s music preference depends on where you grew up. I grew up in a community that prefers pop and rap. But people like my memaw, which is what I call my grandma, were raised in the South where they grew up listening to country and root music. Since my brothers and I grew up close to my memaw, we listened to country music and loved it. 

Country music speaks close to the heart of country folks like myself. Talking about rodeos, cook outs, hunting, fishing and so on. That’s the stuff I grew up doing. 

Some people believe country music is horrible and  maybe that’s because they don’t relate to it as much as others do. This genre of music is the best type of music in my opinion. For people who say it’s terrible and haven’t even listened to a single country song, you should give it a listen. It’s like saying you don’t like a certain kind of food when you’ve never even tried it. IBefore choosing to judge someone else’s way of living and enjoying things give it a chance don’t shut it down. 

Country music is the best, and everyone should give it a shot.