Unless they are endangered, animals should not be kept in zoos

The zoo, a great family outing for the weekend to see wild animals. Feed the tall giraffes, explore the dark and quiet habitats of the insects, watch the animals do funny things. There’s no harm in that right? But, there is harm for the animals. 

As fun as it is to go see them, the animals are not benefiting from being locked up all the time. Some, like the tiger and cheetahs, need big open spaces to run and hunt but the living conditions at the zoo’s aren’t providing that for them. Birds too, who are always high up in the skies flying wherever they want, are confined to only a few miles. Studies have shown that these zoos can have big impacts on the animal’s mental health, resulting in them feeling sad, anxious or even traumatized. No matter the size of the space they are confined too, it can never measure up to their original environment, where they could live their lives in peace and freedom. 

Others will say that zoos are beneficial for endangered animals because keeping them in one place is saving them from hunting and keeping them safe. Which is true, yes. If the animal is being imprisoned for the sole reason of its survival, then it is okay. But if the animal is dwelling in it’s own habitat and put in a zoo for the addition of entertainment, it turns the situation around. 

I believe that they should demolish the idea of zoos and return animals to their environments, only have zoos if the species is close to dying out and needs a safe place to stay. Otherwise, animals should be free to run and do as they please.