Old Christmas music is overrated

As most people know, Christmas songs are a big part of Christmas. Whether it be a store or a party you go to during the holiday season, you are most likely going to be listening to Christmas songs. Although they may be fun and happy, they can get a bit annoying sometimes. Which brings the question, are Christmas songs overrated?

Although these songs may be jolly and happy, when they are played over and over , year after year with no new ones to listen to, they simply get overused. Moreover, if people were to make a different Christmas song now, it would probably be in the genre of electric or rap. For example, the music video for a new holiday song titled “Holiday” by rapper Lil Nas X takes place in a factory that resembles Santa’s factory. It has toys and characters played by Lil Nas X, who are wearing Christmas related costumes. Either way this song is a rap about holidays, due to the quote in the song singing “Hey, it’s a holiday”. 

Although this is not traditional for Christmas songs, “Holiday” has hit almost 50 million listens in less than a month. Because newer holiday themed songs are succeeding so well, this proves that old Christmas songs are a bit overrated. Although traditional Christmas songs are fun to hear, it doesn’t mean that they can’t have a bit of change in the original kind of music.