Penguins have no business being Christmas decorations

Penguins are not at all related to Christmas. So, despite common belief, it does not make sense to set up penguin decorations for Christmas. The two are completely separate topics. When people think of Christmas, their minds automatically go to Santa, his elves and his home in the North Pole. That after all is what people have made Christmas all about: the wait that little kids suffer through for “Santa” to come and give them presents. But, if Santa lives in the North Pole, how do penguins fit into the equation. It is common knowledge that penguins live in Antarctica, the South Pole. So, what do penguins have to do with celebrating a man who supposedly lives literally on the opposite side of the world? 

Polar bear decorations I can understand. They at least live in the North Pole with Santa. But penguins are not at all connected to Santa. If anything it would make more sense to set up zebra and alligator decorations for Christmas than it would to set up penguin decorations. At least zebras and alligators live a little closer to the North Pole than penguins do. Obviously, whoever came up with the idea of using penguin decorations for Christmas did not know geography.