Do video games really “rot” children’s brains?

Video games are not one of the only ways for children to have fun anymore. They have become ways to create jobs and develop children’s minds and hand eye coordination. Video games teach kids how to use their minds in unusual ways which allows them to think outside the box. In my opinion this phrase, that “video games rot childrens’ brains” is just something made up by parents who don’t want their kids to stay inside all day. Parents are used to not having electronics like we do today because all they really could do was play board games, talk and go outside. However, those parents that say these things to their kids are those that don’t accept the present day world.

Technology is filling the world very quickly. Phones are essential pretty much anywhere anyone goes, and people who stream video games are making millions of dollars. Since there are so many benefits of playing video games, how can they rot a child’s brain? Maybe they can affect the eyes or have effects on those children who slouch. However, the brain is not rotting, if anything it is working harder while playing video games. 

Even though there are a couple downsides to playing video games The upsides outweigh them, this cliche of a question, in my opinion, is just a mere parental scam.