What’s happening in Armenia?

After World War II, the Soviet Union split up its land making multiple independent countries, Armenia and Azerbaijan being two of them. However, a small piece of land was disputed by these two newfound independent states. This land is called Kagnro Karapagh, a sliver of land that lies inside Azerbaijan, yet is populated by 200,000 Armenian people. When the Soveit Union gave this land to Azerbaijan despite the Armenian people occupying the land, the newly independent Armenians took back what was rightfully theirs, not only for the safety of their people but to protect what was a key part of Armenian history.

Those who have knowledge of the past know that the land known as Kagnro Karapagh used to be part of Old Armenia. An Armenia before the genocide in 1915. This land is known by a different name by the Armenians, a land called Artsakh. However, Armenians fled Artsakh after Turkey attacked this growing country in search of massacre. Armenians fled to different places all around the globe in hope of survival. As the war ended, the Soviet Union grew powerful and took control of lands all the way to the Mediteranian Sea. Armenians and Azeris alike became servant countries to the massive power of Stalin and his vast military.

Artsakh is an independent country, however it is inside Azerbaijan. Initially it was land given to the Azeris after the topple of the Soveit Union. Yet it was completely populated by Armenians and held a lot of Armenian history. So the Armenian leaders at that time decided that the threat of the Azeris owning land with that many Armenians was too much so they took the land for the safety of their people. And now the Azeris are on the hunt, but their motives are unknown.

The question stands, why does Azerbaijan attack Arstak? From an Armenian’s point of view, they are looking for slaughter, to kill the 200,000 people who are living there. From an Azeri’s view it could be said that they want their land back. However, the evidence begs to differ. Why go straight to war, why try and kill innocent people for a land that you believe is your own? Killing innocent people is always wrong, no matter the motive.

As a politically active and aware Armenian-American, I have learned the details of what the Azeris and Turks are doing and what they plan to do with Armenians in Artsakh. They have posted videos on Facebook of Azeri soldiers brutally killing an Armenian father and son who were blindfolded, holding the flag of their country. They have beheaded a teeneager who fought so strongly for those who couldn’t. The Azerbaijan leaders won’t even allow the media into their borders and that causes suspicion in people’s mind, if there was nothing to hide, then the media shouldn’t be a problem, that is just common sense. It isn’t only the Azeri’s. The Turkish Army has joined forces and is sending weapons, money and soldiers to try and massacre the innocent 200,000 people living inside the borders of Kagnro Karapagh. 

Many people living outside of Armenia  don’t even know what is going on. Americans especially just see this conflict as one country fighting another. That’s not what this is. This is one country trying to slaughter innocents and another fighting for the lives of its people. Artsakh may be independent, but the people living there are Armenian, and that is what gives the Armenian people purpose to fight this so-called war. According to USArmenia the Armenian leaders have requested those who are traveling to Armenia to not come because everything is under control. A soldier directly said, “Don’t worry my Armenian brothers and sisters. We have this under control. No need to come here.  We fight these people so that you may sit at home and be comfortable…” This was taken from a video off of Facebook, posted by multiple Armenian activist accounts. 

The power of the Armenian people as a unit is immense, but the technology that is being provided to the Turks by nations like the United States are what could be the downfall of an innocent country. The leaders of Azerbaijan and Turkey put no price on the lives of the people of this race, and those who still provide weapons and materials to them have to look in the mirror. According to BBC news, since 2014 the United States has been providing 60% of Turkey’s arms. Turkey may be an ally, but when it comes to war instigated by an ally for reasons unknown, supplying weapons to them is just as bad as fighting in the war itself. America has to start not only noticing what is going on in Armenia, but also spread the word through news sources. America holds the second largest population of Armenians outside of Armenia.

There is some awareness about this issue growing among American citizens. Almost 100,000 people showed up to a rally through the streets of Hollywood. 100,000 Armenians, together, marching toward the Turkish Consulate. Trying to bring attention to something that holds the balance between life and death. And yet, the news outlets tend to focus on the Dodgers baseball team and how they lost in a post-season match. Those who have the power to reduce this conflict need to take charge, starting with America, coverage of the World Series is not more important than thousands of people rallying in the streets to bring notice for their country.

I, Andranik Anthony Soghomonian, stand as an Armenian with my people. This is a protest not only against Azerbaijan and Turkey, but against those who won’t acknowledge this issue and  act upon this cause. It isn’t too late.