Social Gatherings While Quarantining?

Should we have virtual social gatherings for school? These days everything is online, and it is a weird time for very social people like myself and thousands of other students.  Prom and graduation got canceled last year along with many other social gatherings that sank into an ocean full of everyone’s canceled plans. A lot of people are feeling lonely now that social distancing is the new norm and like they don’t have anybody to hang out with. There has not been mandatory social isolation of this caliber since the 1918 flu pandemic, and people are figuring out ways to stay in touch. This is definitely working outside of the classroom, but should we do that for school functions as well? Though these events have not been fully thought out yet and would be difficult to do, we should find a way to have social events over Zoom such as maybe another rally, as we do classes. Of course, how we would go about this is the big question.  Perhaps it could be anything from breakout rooms to small groups in a breakout room or separate meetings that have a specific focus. The how is unsure at this point, but there are definitely valid reasons why we need to make this work.