I’m loving quarantine

I think I’m one of the few people who’s loving quarantine. Perhaps it’s because I’m extremely introverted and somewhat socially awkward, but adjusting to quarantine life hasn’t been much of an issue. Staying inside as well as remaining occupied while inside is normal for me. While I do miss some things, including going to school, I’m enjoying the personal freedom quarantine has given me to be myself. 


Our world is structured for extroverted people: group projects, group tests and group seating in classrooms. Many things are collaborative or have some collaborative aspect. Being in a group isn’t necessarily bad, but I’m someone who works and thinks best independently. Additionally, group work is often one-sided and not a collaborative effort. A few tend to carry the load or care enough to put in the work. Quarantine has taken that weight off my shoulders and has allowed me to work at my own pace.There isn’t pressure to join a conversation or risk being docked points. I’m not restricted to a certain schedule because many of my assignments are due a couple days in advance. If the day calls for English but I want to do math, I can always do English at a later date. I’m enjoying certain subjects rather than feeling dread because I’m not surrounded by classmates that I’m forced to talk to.


Quarantine has also allowed me to take a break. It’s one of the biggest recharge periods ever. Even though I still do schoolwork and one of my extracurriculars, I’m not being forced to socialize and pretend I’m enjoying something I’m not. I love my friends, (some) classmates and teachers, but being physically present at school requires conversation despite not wanting to converse at all. There were some school days I just wanted to curl with a book or watch a show in my bedroom because the day was just too much. What does “too much” even mean? The social aspects of school may seem rewarding, in some cases, because you get to see your friends or meet new people. To me, the moving parts, or rewards, of school aren’t as appealing as being at home doing my own things. However, quarantine has allowed me to do just that. My house and my room are spaces suited to my personal comforts and needs without it getting too overbearing. I’m not as exhausted by socializing or being around other people because I can easily go somewhere else without much of an issue. Additionally, I can easily do activities I enjoy, such as reading, because school is taking up less time and energy. 


In summation, this period, so far, is an ideal situation for me. Yes, coronavirus sucks, and yes, joblessness also sucks, but personally, I’m having a fantastic time. While school and my extracurriculars do enhance my life to a degree, they are sometimes ill-suited for my introverted needs. Quarantine is well-suited to my personality and is also bettering my learning experience. My actual retention may be suffering a little, but I can work at my own pace and integrate activities I enjoy doing because I now have time to do them. I’m absolutely loving it.