A day in the life of a student doing online school

Online school has really been something I’ve needed to get used to and adapted to, but, so far, I really enjoy it. Personally, my assignments haven’t been due by the end of scheduled block periods, so I’ve had all day and sometimes even several days to complete my assignments.

A typical day of mine consists of waking up around sometime in the late morning, cleaning up and getting some breakfast. After, I sit back down  in bed to do my work. The fact that I can do my schoolwork in the comfort of my own bed has to be my favorite thing about online school. Because I’m the type of person that likes to complete schoolwork all in one day, I try to finish it all even if it isn’t due for a couple days. This usually takes a few hours.

After I’m finally done, I have the whole rest of the day. I usually hang out with friends or just go watch some Netflix in my bedroom. If I don’t hang out with my friends, I like to go for walks and runs because I don’t like being stuck in the house all day. After the day is over, my night consists of staying up late scrolling through TikTok (thoroughly messing up my sleep schedule).