It is way better to be the younger sibling

Growing up in a household with two older sisters is truly a blessing. Being the only boy I have learned many valuable things about women and their kind. Both of my sisters are adults, so growing up they were going through and experiencing things that I had no idea existed. But these lessons help prepared me for the future, and my encounters with women. But being the youngest is the best because my parents have basically given up on me. Not to say that they do not care, but they have already experienced most troubles and know how to combat them.

For example, when I started high school, I got advice on how to survive from everyone in my family, because they have all gone through it. Advice with jobs and other key decisions in my life have been influenced by my parents and siblings.

Also, I am my mother’s favorite. Almost every time I got in trouble, my mom came in clutch with the saver. Being the only boy was a blessing, and being the youngest was amazing because I never really got in that much trouble. They always blamed my Older sister, but alas now she moved out and I happen to be the scapegoat.