The Electoral College benefits the United States

Jovanny Zapata, Staff Writer

 If there is one right thing about the U.S Government, it’s the Electoral college. The Electoral college guarantees the continuation of democracy, while the alternative of the electoral college is to let the public decide or Direct Popular vote. The public, which can easily be influenced by charisma,  promises we saw this with Adolf Hitler who used the discontent of the people to get elected as chancellor later becoming chancellor for life. Many people look at this and just say the people of Germany back then were stupid, but when a politician promises to fix everything, they’ll get your vote. Direct Popular Elections would just lead to dictators or U.S presidents that have no business in running a country. 

It’s stupid that people feel the Electoral College hurts voters. Contrary to that, the Electoral College takes  account all voters which is why there’s a preference for smaller states. Without the Electoral College, states with a smaller population wouldn’t have a say in its governing and would get ignored while the states with higher population would have more power.

There’s no perfect government, that’s something I firmly believe in. The Electoral College is flawed; it does not represent the higher percentage of the population candidate. In the creation of the Electoral College, The founding fathers didn’t trust the average Joe intelligence to adequately vote for a president in the interest of the nation rather than personal and that hasn’t changed except now it’s Joe and Jane intelligence in question. 

Without the Electoral College, it would be a winner takes all system. Democrats and Republicans would win over some states, not bothering with other states leading to Presidents and Vice presidents that don’t have the nation at large interest in hand. The 51 percent would have full governance of the 49 percent of the USA, hence the name Winner takes all. The Electoral College protects States rights, and is in the interest of the minorities. The suggestion to abolish it would be the equivalent of MacArthur’s suggestion to Truman.