Hart Show Choir ends their competition season with a bang


Brooke Ewing, a member of Hartbreakers, performing in the Burrough’s High School Musical Showcase.

Saturday April 15, Hart Show Choir traveled to Burbank to compete in Burroughs High School’s Music Showcase, in which four groups performed and were judged on their show sets. Buses from Hart left at 7:30 a.m, and students didn’t return to Hart until one in the morning.

 Hartbreakers’ 18 minute yoga-inspired set, “Work it Out”, placed second in their category, alongside the other Advanced Treble groups. Brooke Ewing, who plays the yoga instructor, and Claire Tester, the Zumba Instructor, sang as soloists.

Sound Vibrations took home third place in the Advanced Mixed Tier 1 category. Gabija Zukauskas performed their opening number as the “Voice of the Underworld” in their “Pandora’s Box and the Seven Deadly Sins” set, starring Lucy Fossa as Pandora. Their 20 person choir competed against other schools with over 40 people in their teams in order to get more time allotted for a final song in their performance.

Hart n’ Soul also earned second place in the Intermediate Mixed division. Owen Shean starred as a soloist playing the role of Gru in their showcase, “Minions”. 

Unleashed went home victorious with the first place prize in the Advanced Bass section with their “Icons” set inspired by bald, iconic pop-culture figures. Their set included a variety of no-haired characters and solos, including Sioeli Aliki and Dylan Young as One Punch Man.

Each choir that performed placed in the top three of their now third competition of the season, ending their competition period this semester. They now focus their attention on the upcoming Hart Show Choir Spring Concert.