Artist of the Issue: Gabriella Nickels


A beautiful ocean sunset. Reprinted with permission by Gabriella Nickels.

Nathalia Raio, Photo Editor

Gabriella Nickels, a sophomore at Hart High School, is not your typical student-athlete. Although she is a member of the JV soccer team, her true passion lies in art. Gabriella has been drawing and painting for a relatively short amount of time, but it has quickly become her favorite hobby.

Despite her busy schedule, Nickels tries to find time to pursue her artistic endeavors. Her love for painting is so strong that when she has a brush in her hand, she feels like she is in a different world. 

“I definitely feel like I’m in the zone, focused solely on my artwork when I’m painting on a canvas or just doodling in class.” 

Nickels is drawn to painting nature, particularly flowers and trees, which she finds to be calming and peaceful.

Recently, Nickels was given the opportunity to showcase her talents by contributing to Hart High School’s new mural. The project was a collaborative effort among several art students at the school, and Nickels was excited to be a part of it. The mural features a beautiful skyline in which Nickels painted, with a brown bear and blooming flowers. Nickels helped to paint the flowers, and she had a lot of fun working on the project with her fellow students.

Gabriella’s love for art began when she was in middle school. She never enrolled in a traditional art class but fell in love with the art she painted in OLPH’s extracurricular art program. She discovered that she had a talent for painting, and she began to practice on her own. Although Gabriella has not been painting for a long time, she has already developed a unique style. Some of her artwork is vibrant and colorful but Nickles shows she can also draw in black and white.

Despite her passion for art, Gabriella recognizes the importance of her other commitments. Soccer is a big part of her life, and she enjoys being part of the team. She knows that her time on the field is important, but she also understands that her art is equally important. Nickels tries to find a balance between her two passions, and she has been successful in doing so.

In the future, Nickels hopes to continue pursuing her love of art, but she isn’t planning on pursuing art in college. She plans to take more art classes in high school and hopes to never lose her love for art. Nickels is hopeful for the possibilities that lie ahead, and she is grateful for the opportunities that she has had so far.

Nickels is a rising artist who is making a name for herself in high school. Gabriella’s love for painting is evident in her work, which is both beautiful and unique. With her talent and dedication, Gabriella is sure to go far in the art world.