Yogurtland is superior to all other frozen yogurt places

Yogurtland is a far superior frozen yogurt place than any of its competitors. When people suggest substitutes such as Tutti Frutti or Menchie’s, I physically vomit and try to remain somewhat coherent during their suggestions. How could you go anywhere else? Yogurtland is a place of healing and comfort and provides its customers with not only a superb cup of yogurt, but an experience, as well. As you enter Yogurtland, you see a family and its kids bonding together or a young couple in love going on one of their first outings. It is a place that doesn’t discriminate against anyone and in doing so brings people together for the common goal of yogurt. 

One of my favorite things about Yogurtland is their rewards program. It’s free to join and you actually reap benefits. For every cup of yogurt you purchase, each dollar gives you two points. When you gain 100 points, you get five dollars off. I love going to purchase my scrumptious cup of yogurt and get a sweet surprise of it being practically free. It might seem like it will take a long time to save up for the five dollars off, but once you enter the establishment you can’t stop. I also recommend heading there with some of your friends, and as you bless them with the holiness of the establishment, you can reap their points when it comes time to give them your phone number. That way you’ll get five dollars off before you know it. 

I don’t even want to overwhelm you with the amount of toppings and sauces you can lather your yogurt with. My personal favorite toppings are the cookie dough bites and these small chocolate covered caramel melts. It’s the cherry on top of the establishment. 

Yogurtland is on another level compared to its competitors and should be the only fro-yo place one goes to.