Professional slapping sweeps the nation (and beyond)

Jacob Buhle, Staff Writer

Professional slapping originated in Russia, with many competitions being posted on the internet which quickly garnered attention towards it. 

The sport is based on two people standing across a table from each other with a referee to watch. They take turns slapping each other as hard as they possibly can until the other can no longer continue. 

Slapping competitions have become so popular that there have been tournaments in America with usually cash prizes to the winner of each competition. 

There is debate over whether or not slapping should be considered a professional sport because of the harm it causes and the lack of general audience that it has. The Brain Injury Association of America has raised criticism towards the sport due to its lack of regard for the damage caused to its participants. Even if there are procedures to prevent brain damage, the sport itself makes concussion almost inevitable. 

Despite the criticism directed towards it, the fanbase continues to grow especially as more competitions become more widespread. People all across America compete in these matches and uploads are consistently made with the attempt to have it become a professional sport.