If you love coffee, try We Lounge

Image from Creative Commons

Image from Creative Commons

Avery Tracy, Opinion Editor

As you enter We Lounge, your eyes are blessed with chic decor and stunning deep green velvet couches that you want to catapult into. Your ears are then serenaded by the sound of indie music. As you further enter this establishment, your nose then catches the scent of grounded coffee, and you can’t help but order a way too expensive latte. 

We Lounge, located in Old Town Newhall, is an independent coffee shop established in 2021. I ordered their “Lazy Eye,” which is the name of their lattes. They have a pretty large selection of different coffee drinks with creative names. However, they are only capable of serving hot or iced drinks with no blended options. Overall, my latte was pretty good. I would be curious to try some of their specialty drinks, but out of 10, I would give it a solid seven. 

My time spent in We Lounge was memorable due to an unexpected interaction with a fellow customer. I was conducting an interview on those beautiful green velvet couches when I heard a sudden acclamation from a roughly 20 year old college student who sauntered over to inquire if I was doing a podcast. I relieved him of his curiosity by stating that I was conducting an interview for the school paper. He then proceeded to pull out his phone to show me an app called “Cappuccino” that mimics podcasts but for friend groups. In that there is a topic that is displayed and everyone in the group has three minutes to comment their opinions on the topic. I found this app recommendation intriguing and loved that We Lounge created an environment comfortable enough for its customers to interact so freely with each other.

There is also a little boutique area that seems to be still in the works. So far, it’s filled with different brands of sunglasses and purses. Overall, We Lounge provides a unique experience for coffee lovers and is a great spot to hit up in Old Town Newhall.