Dessert should be eaten before dinner

Avery Tracy, Opinion Editor

Dessert shouldn’t have to be eaten after dinner; it should be socially acceptable to order dessert at any time. It’s weird how you have to wait to eat the thing that most satisfies you in this world!

The notion of eating dessert before dinner was brought to my attention on a friday night when I was all cozy in my bed watching the movie, Remember Me. I pretty much forgot what the movie was about except for this one cheesy scene when the lead actress is at dinner and orders dessert before the main course. She justifies it by saying that if she was going to die, she would rather die eating something delicious. I find this reasoning a bit dramatic and sort of cheesy, however I agree with her decision.

Growing up I have potent memories of my mumsy scolding me not to eat dessert before dinner, that it would “spoil my dinner”. As an innocent child I was deprived of happiness and all things good. When it came time for dessert, I didn’t even want to indulge because my stomach was full and I was still in pain from the previous denial. 

Eating dessert before dinner can also be a beneficial practice according to They found that participants who had dessert before dinner chose a healthier and more nutritious main course and ate overall fewer calories than participants who ate dessert after their already fattening meal. With all this scientific evidence it seems absurd that we are still being shown the dessert menu after our main courses. Who could possibly want to eat a roasted chicken meal and then have chocolate cake? If we were to switch the order you’d be happily satisfied with the cake and then might opt for something like a cobb salad. This is a healthier lifestyle that is much more sustainable.