Pet owners need to stop

Kate Stoffel, Copy Editor

Pet owners need to stop. They’re all against animal abuse until it comes to dressing their poodles in stupid, tiny sweater vests. Unless you own a hairless animal, pets should not be dressed in tiny versions of human clothes.

The crazy thing about dogs and cats is that they have fur (aside from the previously mentioned hairless breeds). FUR is known to serve the purpose of keeping an animal warm. They have built in insulation. So why do middle aged ladies and teenage girls put their animals in sweaters? For a fashion statement?

The only clothes a fluffy dog needs is the coat given to it by Mother Nature. Anything else is a waste of money and quite frankly a humiliation. I can only imagine a little Shih Tzu showing up to the dog park in the red v-neck his old-lady owner shoved him in, just to be laughed at by the German Shepherds and Labs for his useless human clothes. 

The only clothes a pet needs are vests for service dogs and maybe shoes if you plan on taking your dog for a walk through shattered glass.

So much fabric and labor is wasted on useless animal clothes every year. Save the environment, don’t buy your animals dumb outfits.