Freezing Temperatures Affecting Texas

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Noah Maradiga, Staff Writer

In Houston, Texas – freeze warnings were issued all across the state, with temperatures being well under 30 degrees. From roads being covered in layers of ice, to schools being temporarily closed, and small businesses being greatly impacted. 

In addition to amplified winter temperatures, other parts of the state experienced heavy rainfall and flood warnings. or any residents in the area roads would be undoubtedly affected by the sudden increase in stormy weather systems, making it infuriatingly difficult to travel from point A to point B in a fair window of time. 

School systems obviously having to resort to their procedural weather close-time isn’t a surprise either. However, in Houston – schools remain open despite the freezing weather and still are. Additionally, because of the “arctic blast” people living in larger households have to prepare for the unexpected cold weather by stocking up on certain supplies, and clearing out gutters with water already in them. More often than not, the part where you need to go out and purchase supplies from a neighboring grocery store is a difficult task. 

Frost-coated roads have the biggest threat so far, obviously. So far, almost 10 people have died from car-crash-related causes, meaning that long-distance travel isn’t a very safe option. But are there cars that can travel over layers of snow and ice without difficulty? Of course. There are a couple options, for instance: All-wheel drives, SUVs, and trucks with high clearance. 

Freezy weather phenomenons aren’t new to Texas, let alone Houston. Over the years, there have been ways to make enduring the cold weather much more bearable and comfortable. From advancements in modern household technology, too vehicles that make it easier to travel long distances through heaps of snow and ice. Schools, businesses, and households in Houston should have nothing to fret about now.