US government ends public state of emergency

Natalia Fernandez, Staff Writer

The Biden Administration has decided to end the public health emergencies and will eventually stop buying treatments for the public. 

Though the vaccines and treatments will still be available, it is hinted that within a couple of months to a year, the shots will now have to be paid for and will no longer be free to the public. Those with Medicaid insurance will still be able to receive the shots for free; however, those without the insurance are required to pay. 

Some may even be released from Medicaid insurance if all the requirements and qualifications are no longer met. Many are worried since they could be at risk of losing their health insurance which helped cover during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 

Once May 11 passes, those with Medicaid or private insurance will still receive free at-home tests. In September 2024, the Medicaid users may be limited and subjected to the number of tests that are covered for them. 

After three years of a global pandemic, things are slowly getting back to normal and businesses are finally starting back up.