Artist of the Issue: Zachary Westbrook


Photo taken by Zachary Westbrook

Serena Erickson, Social Media Manager

Zachary Westbrook is a senior at Hart High School. In addition to being a student, Westbrook is a producer and a singer/songwriter. Westbrook has released a debut album, titled Wheire Orchestral Performance, and one EP, called No Where Yet.

“I would say I’m more of an indie rock kind of guy. Indie is pretty much everything that is without external capital,” said Westbrook.

Westbrook’s current inspiration is Sloan Struble, who is popularly known as Dayglow. On multiple occasions, Dayglow has given Westbrook advice on how to accomplish his musical aspirations. 

“I believe those interactions have really made a huge impact on me and how I create my art,” Westbrook said.

Westbrook became interested in pursuing music when he went to an Ed Sheeran concert with his father. This concert was during Sheeran’s Divide world tour. Westbrook said the production of Sheeran’s music gave him a feeling of accomplishment; Westbrook also shared that seeing how the audience interacted with Sheeran’s music and performance inspired Westbrook to become a performer. Westbrook wanted his future audience to act in a similar way as the fans of Ed Sheeran.

Westbrook’s biggest accomplishment was when his music surpassed 3,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Additionally, Westbrook’s latest single, “I’ll Go Slow With You,” has 3,000 streams after the first month of being released.

Westbrook has also produced his own music videos. Some songs by Zachary Westbrook with music videos are “I’m Counting On You To Take Control Over My Mind,” “8MM Film,” “Glass Coca-Cola Bottles” and “I’ll Go Slow With You.”

Westbrook uses two separate online programs, Ableton and Logic X, as digital audio workspaces where he can record and manipulate sounds. 

“Both programs are extremely powerful tools and can help create insane projects,” said Westbrook.